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It's time to jazz up those necklines! Printed lanyards are more than just bits of fabric – they're the smart and stylish way for businesses to wave their brand flag. Whether for office use, events, or festivals, these fashionable strings are your brand's new best friend. Talk about variety! You've got promotional polyester lanyards for the classic look, woven for a touch of texture, or why not go all-out with full-colour dye sublimation? Need to be quick on the draw? Opt for custom lanyards with a handy card reel. Is sustainability your jam? Choose eco-friendly printed bamboo lanyards. There's a lanyard for every style! But why are printed lanyards the bee's knees? Firstly, they're walking advertisements. Hanging around the neck, they're easy to spot and hard to ignore. They're an identity badge in the office, creating a professional image. At events, they're an instant 'Who's Who', ideal for networking. Plus, they make great event keepsakes, keeping your brand at the forefront of memories. Secondly, they're practical. Holding ID cards, keys, or USBs is handy in any setting. So, wrap up your branding efforts with printed lanyards – they're the neck's big thing in promotional items!

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