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Custom printed pens might seem simple, yet they are an enduring best-seller in the branded merchandise world. The reason? Universality and frequency of use. Pens are essential in every office, home, school, or business, meaning your brand is always at hand. Their compact size allows them to be carried around effortlessly, turning every signature, note or doodle into a brand impression. Despite our digital age, writing retains a tangible, personal touch that resonates with people. Plus, the variety of custom pen styles, colours, and types available ensures a pen perfectly matches your brand's personality. Cost-effective yet impactful, branded company pens subtly engrave your brand into daily routines, making your message as indelible as the ink they write with.

Why not also explore our promotional eco friendly pens?

Learn About The Impact of Promotional Pens on Brand Visibility 

Desktop promotional items are among the best-selling branded merchandise, and products such as logo pens are certainly the most in demand. There are many reasons why custom pens are popular; not only do they provide unrivalled and low-cost branded items for business, but they also advertise, promote and raise awareness daily to a diverse and broad audience. So many businesses invest in branded pens as they offer a practical, functional and cost-effective opportunity to make an impactful impression, whether for trade show giveaways, event merchandise, corporate gifting or branded retail. The impact that promotional pens have

is immeasurable. They are one of the most relevant branded promotional products on the market, used daily for many purposes, from jotting down ideas to making notes; merchandise pens are one of the very few everyday items we would find hard to live without.

Comparing Promotional Pens with Other Promotional Items

Branded pens are the most iconic and integral promotional products on the market; they are versatile, affordable, and offer a low-cost way to promote your brand to a potentially unlimited audience. Many attractive and appealing promotional items are available, all offering a unique and different perspective when it comes to marketing your brand, but pens with logo are one of the most in-demand due to their broad appeal and longevity. Company pens are an excellent investment as they are the perfect high-volume item to give away but are compact enough to be mailed out, stored easily and kept in a pocket for commuting or visiting clients. 

The Sustainability Aspect of Promotional Pens

With more emphasis and innovation in manufacturing promotional eco friendly pens, branded pens have become even more relevant to meet consumers demands. Sustainable products have become more progressive; company printed pens are the most notable. Pens with logos have evolved and adapted to meet the growing needs that are now customary for many businesses looking to invest in branded merchandise. Many eco-pens offer a unique and impressive range of sustainable materials, from recycled plastics, bamboo, wheat straw, kraft paper, sustainable metal and recycled paper. 

Which Customs Pens Remain Best Sellers in 2023

Printed Contour Pen: 

Ask any branded merchandise companies, and they will agree the Contour range is the most widely sought-after across the entire pen range. They come in various colours, sizes and materials, such as recycled plastic and bamboo, with an impressive stock colour selection and unparalleled branding area. 

Engraved Electra Pen: 

The Electra needs no introduction; probably the most cost-practical metal pen available that delivers a higher perceived product solution, which is incredibly versatile for all industry sectors and a range of purposes. 

Branded Bamboo Pens:

Natural bamboo is appealing due to its sustainability, but it is also highly durable, robust, and unmatched in its longevity, which is ideal for items such as branded pens. Bamboo pens also offer a much higher perceived value, meaning they make excellent corporate gifts and branded retail products. 

Not Sure Which Company Pen Wil Work Best For Your Budget And Audience, Speak to The Pro Branding Co team

Our knowledgeable and passionate team is always on hand and ready to assist with all your promotional merchandise requirements. They'll guide you through our broad range of best-selling pens, ensuring you receive the most relevant product solutions on time and within budget. 


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