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Aligning Your Brand Message with Sustainable Practices through Eco-Friendly Branded Merchandise

Businesses that invest in eco friendly promotional products understand the relevance and benefits of raising awareness positively to a broad audience. Choosing eco-friendly branded merchandise offers a unique and appealing way to not only reach new business potential. Still, it will also enable you to align your company message, culture and ethos through a commitment to sustainability, which is now highly regarded across all industry sectors.  Creating Memorable Experiences with Eco-Friendly Branded Merchandise at Event Trade shows and exhibitions are a great way to share and inform new and existing customers of your products and services, and there's no better way of conveying your message than with eco friendly giveaways. Ask any branded merchandise supplier, and they will agree that items such as recycled branded notebooks, promotional seeds and eco friendly promotional bags are just some of the many attractive, practical and relevant sustainable solutions that will positively impact your audience. Also, by investing in eco-friendly branded merchandise to give away to interested visitors, you will continue your legacy long after the show, whereby people will use your event products for various purposes, such as a branded tote bag, be it business or leisure. 

How to Choose the Right Eco-Friendly Promotional Products for Your Audience

Selecting the most relevant, functional, and cost-effective eco friendly promotional products for your audience is imperative; it will ensure you make the best impression at the right time, which is crucial to any successful campaign. For example, understanding your client base and requirements will enable you to choose the most applicable items. For instance, if your specific client is from the education sector, then opting for eco printed notebooks, colouring sets, and eco promo sports bottles are popular choices, not only offering a practical everyday item but ones that will ensure your branding is prominent and visible to a potentially even wider audience. For the corporate sectors and the more deskbound clients, then items such as branded recycled pens, sustainable technology merchandise, and eco-friendly promotional drinkware offer a broad range of possibilities that will keep your clients, prospects, and even staff happy whilst promoting and advertising your business along with company values and other corporate information. 

Learn About Popular Sustainable Mediums for Eco Merchandise Giveaways for 2023

Promotional Products Made From Bamboo: 

Bamboo is naturally sustainable, durable and can be very cost-effective. There is a broad range of bamboo eco event giveaways, such as pens, notebooks, USBs, power banks and even lanyards! 

Branded Products Made From RPET: 

RPET is among the most popular recycled promotional products available. Not only is it affordable, but it offers excellent quality and value for money. Popular items include drawstring bags, pencil cases, clothing, drinkware and notebooks, to name a few! 

Recycled Promotional Products: 

The most popular sustainable and eco-friendly merchandise uses recycled materials such as plastics, wood and paper. Advances in production and innovation have created some exceptional branded products, from post-consumer waste eco-promotional pens, recycled card notebooks, bonded leather bookmarks, folders and recycled plastic and biodegradable drinkware, such as sports bottles and takeout cups. 

Merchandise Made From Wheat Straw: 

Wheat straw is fast becoming a great alternative to single-use plastics, blended with standard plastics, which can reduce waste by up to half, keeping it out of our landfills and oceans. Wheat straw is durable, low cost and versatile, so you can expect to see it in items like branded technology, drinkware, pens, notebooks, bottle openers and sunglasses! 

Promotional Giveaways Made From Cork: 

Cork is 100% natural and readily available, making it highly cost-effective whilst being appealingly durable. Popular cork items include pens, coasters, notebooks, lanyards, and pencil cases. Cork also has a higher perceived value, making it ideal for business gifting and branded retail.

The Team at The Pro Branding Co Are Here to Help You Source the Perfect Eco-Friendly Branded Products For Your Budget

Our industry experts are always on hand and ready to assist with your promotional eco-merchandise requirements. Our team offer the most relevant, on-trend, sustainable products to suit all budgets and purposes. So when you are next looking for eco-merch, don't hesitate to get in touch. We will guide you through all the best sellers and what's new and on-trend, ensuring you receive the best product solution on time and within budget! 

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