A staple corporate Christmas gift for many years, the paper block is so much more now. The Pro Branding Co gives you the ability to promote and brand our entire range, a useful, functional and handy product to have close by. Keep your logo in full view at all times with these extremely effective desk items.

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Block-Mate® Pallet 2B memo block 120×80

Cube memo block small 75×75


Vessel memo block with memo paper

Block-Mate® 1A large memo block 100×100

Vessel memo block insert and memo paper

Block-Mate® 1B medium memo block 100×100

Acrylo Memo Block with Paper Refill – Medium (Full Colour Print)

Block-Mate® 1C small memo block 100×100

Acrylo Memo Block with Paper Refill – Large (Full Colour Print)

Block-Mate® 2A large memo block 120×80

MultiMemo desk set (black)

Block-Mate 2B medium memo block 120×80

Block-Mate 3A large memo block 85×85

Block-Mate 3B medium memo block 85×85

Block-Mate 4A large memo block 55×55

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